I love to motivate people: Jayasimha

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, is a very popular figure now. And when we talk of breaking any Guinness books of records, the first name which comes to our mind is his. Jay, who still has that hunger to achieve more to motivate people further spoke at length of his success story to

MS: It’s a pleasure to know about your innumerable `Guinness book of world records’ feats. Could you please vividly talk about your success?

SLJ: Well it is an interesting question to begin with. In fact when I got into the field of motivation, Memory and Soft skills training, I understood that unlike teaching academics this field was different. For instance a teacher can simply explain maths, physics or chemistry. But when it comes to motivating people, who is speaking is more important that what is being spoken. One has to be an achiever to lift others. So, I wanted to make a name for myself and stove hard to be successful first before I would insipre others to emulate me. Thank Goodness it all started with One Guinness Record. I went on making many later and I am proud to mention that I became only Indian to create Maximum Guinness Records in the world. My name has become synonymous as many students look up to me for motivation.

MS:Who motivated you first?
SLJ: I would say it all began with my daughter Namrata. When she was just 7 year-old asked me a question – Dad, are you the best in Memory? I said, Yes. Then she replied, my teacher told me that if somebody is No 1 in any field their name will be in Guinness Book. Then, why your name does not appear? For a while I was stunned and kept thinking seriously. Then I sat and tried to explore various feats, learnt few methods, innovated different techniques and eventually could do something that nobody had done before. I memorised 200 random objects, doubling the then existing record of 100 objects. From there my successful journey began. I always felt, it could be a book, an incident, movie, a person or your own kid could make you think. If you can take proper action, nothing becomes impossible for you.

MS: It is sad that people who can be top in academics think will be considered successful. Isnt it?
SLJ: Yes true. And it is a wrong notion. Today, for people success means getting into IIT, becoming doctor or an IAS or a Group I officer. They don’t understand that we have eight kinds of intelligences. Somebody may have logical, Linguistic, Artistic, Musical, Bodily, Intra personal and Naturalistic Intelligences.


Different colours of flowers make a beautiful bouquet. Isnt’ it. Similarly all kinds of people make this world very interesting. In my opinion academic success alone is not just success. Being first in the class is no guarantee that one remains numero uno in life. For instance, Bill Gates was not even a graduate but founded Microsoft whereas all his friends who topped are working in his companies. In India, the stress is too much on academics as of now. I would rather suggest that children and parents should focus on allround development than in linear development.

MS: Any special norms we require to get into to the Guinees book of records?

SLJ: To be frank we don’t need any norms to get into Guinness book of world records. One has to identify his talent and see to what extent he can go in that field. Like, I was good at memory and I made Guinness world records in that. Sachin Tendulkar is good in cricket, hence he made many records in that game. Now we have seen Husna Sameera choosing Carrom to set a Guinness record. Once we know our talent and potential, then we need to apply to the Guinness authorities. They will send Rules and guidelines to follow and we have to meticulously adhere to them to get our name into Guinness World Records

MS: On Husna’s feat – your opinion?
SLJ: Hats off to this young girl. She has been an achiever from childhood. She has already won many medals and set records in her field. Setting eyes on the ultimate Guinness World Records requires lot of will power and grit. And she has prepared hard physically and mentally so that she could become an achiever. I feel very proud of this feat of longest Marathon Carrom playing. I know how difficult it is, as I did my Second Guinness World Record of Longest Lecture Marathon of 120 hours.
Sameera’s effort is really superb and I am sure the kind of perseverance she has, she can scale many greater heights in the years to come.

MS: Your suggestions to people?

SLJ: My main suggestion to those who want to make it big in life is, first of all believe in yourself. When you want something to happen for the goodness of the world, the whole universe will conspire to make things happen in life. Getting into Guinness book will set a bench mark for all of them, from there the journey will only be upwards. We are here to help, guide, assist and suggest. India with 1.25 Billion people, after 70 years of Independence is struggling to become a developing nation. When we become No 1, India ill automatically become No 1.

MS: You must be happy with what you have achieved so far?
SLJ: Yes I am quite happy with myself. In fact, I don’t run after recognition. I had been doing things which would satisfy me. I am my own competitor and work hard to be better today than yesterday. You need tremendous patience to achieve something remarkable. Anybody can scale Mt Everest, provided he has that burning desire. After achieving 14 Guinness World Records, I always believe that name, fame, recognition, money are bi-products. From the lowest rank in the Indian Air Force to being the highly decorated Air Force Pilot Squadron Leader to being the Only Indian with Maximum Guinness World Records make me so happy today. God has been very kind to me I strongly believe that Lord will give you what you deserve rather than what you desire. When it is right time, things will automatically take a shape. I love to motivate people. I am able to touch, inspire and motivate so many lives through my seminars, training programs, counseling sessions, books. What can I crave for more. But I still believe I have a long way to go in life.

sudheer mahavadi

By Sudheer Mahavadi – DD Commentator



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