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Lord Rama-Krishna have done politics

Home Minister Rajnath Singh while complimenting Narendra Modi the Prime Minister on his visit to China and taking forward the bilateral relations, said that even Lord Rama and Krishna have done politics and that was for the well being of Dharma. Rajnath who was on a two-day visit to his constituency Lucknow , he opined that the Congress wants to derive political mileage from everything.

He explained that Ram did politics for establishing the Rama Rajya and Krishna did to see that dharma wins .He said that the Mufti government was keen on rehabilitating the Kashmiri Pandits and that the Government was working on it.

He opined that Modi was visiting major countries to boost the relationships and bilateral tie-ups. He said that there was nothing unusual in his visits and that the Congress was making a mountain out of a mole for no reason.

Rajnath, on the other hand, opined that Ram Mandir is not a political issue but is a cultural one. He clarified that the BJP will fight on the plank on the development and not on issue Rama Mandir. He stated that the matter was in court and that they were waiting for the judgement from the court.

He also added that BJP never believed in the politics of polarisation.



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