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Lokesh trying to woo Pawan Kalyan

It is a known fact Pawan Kalyan has made corruption charges against AP CM Chandrababu and his son Lokesh. While Chandrababu blamed the BJP for pushing Pawan Kalyan to make allegations against TDP, Lokesh kept quite and said that he was feeling bad about it. There was a shakeup and hungama across the state and also political circles where allegations of corruption against TDP rulers were discussed.

Lokesh did not give any rejoinder or did not respond to the allegations of Pawan Kalyan. He added that people were misguiding Pawan Kalyan. This is the way perhaps Pawan wants to take Lokesh into confidence and proceed further.

Lokesh is trying to hold an olive branch for now. He does not want invite opposition from the Kapu community it looks like.

Lokesh trying to woo Pawan Kalyan

The TDP leaders and Lokesh know very well that the Janasena and Pawan Kalyan can make a dent in the TDP vote bank. The TDP wants the votes of Kapus also. Pawan can in fact influence Kapus to some extent.

But the Kapus are not confident that Pawan can do something for them. Earlier Chiranjeevi also failed miserably in mobilising Kapus and could not do anything for them. Pawan has rubbed the media on the wrong side and that is going to reflect for him in the coming elections. Jagan is already with the BJP and that will shield him against the CBI for some time. Even Pawan is hand in glove with the BJP and going against TDP.

So finally Lokesh has decided to woo Pawan to his side so that it would help them in the next elections.



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