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Locals will get all the employment

Minister for IT K Taraka Rama rao expressed his happiness over the venture to make medical devices. Talking at the launch of medical devices park here at Sultanpur here he said Hyderabad is already the bulk drug capital of India. More innovation , more manufacturing as part of made in India we are doing this he said.

We are the largest skill force on the plant with majority of the youth he opined. The tech knowhow must be useful to the public he said. This is to reduce the medical expenses finally he said. Many big companies are coming forward to come up with this innovative medical devices park he stated.

Locals will get all the employment

Very few devices are manufactured in India he said. we have allotted land to 14 people here he said. Now immediately 4000 people will get the employment he stated. Local people will get majority of the employment he stated.

We will train people as employable to the local industry. We will also have a medical devices MOU with China company. Even with Korea also we will have the tie up he stated. This is an effort of the youngest state he stated. We came here out of agitation and now it is like transition from agitation to administration he said.

Locals will get all the employment

We are best in ease of doing business in the country he explained. TS is ranked No 1 in many spheres, and will continue to grow he stated.

LV Prasad eye institute will also come with a centre here he explained. He said that the locals will get all the employment here. This will be taken up at a faster pace. He complimented Harish rao for making the land available at a faster pace.



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