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Life is a red light area said, one lady

These days the Mee too concept is going too far. The ladies in the film world who have suffered are coming out in open.

But some of them are using the same for publicity. No one is able to know who is speaking the truth.

A senior film star who is doing mother roles said that there was no way but to agree on the whims and fancies of the producer’s directors so on and so forth.Sometimes if it goes beyond limits, life becomes a red light area she said.

Radhika Apte is one who said she had to slap a hero when he tried to tickle her.Another hero has called her upstairs to the bedroom. But she did not budge.

Life is a red light area said, one lady

Iliyana also said that she was looked in a different way by some people and it was quite embarrassing for her. Sri Reddy also spoke to various channels over the matter but Thamma Reddy asked not to shoot in the dark but name the people in open and then come out with facts otherwise no one will believe her.

A popular singer and actor of Hollywood said that the person has asked her to show the upper portion naked and she did not agree for that.

But all said and done there are ladies who would like to surrender for name fame and also roles. There are ladies who told the directors that they are ready for everything, for hooking the desired roles and becoming leading ladies.

Life is a red light area said, one lady

Mahesh Bhat and Mukesh Bhat can give several examples of ladies who approached them.

So don’t just make allegations on one side only.Only two hands can clap and will make the sound. There are mothers who desperately want to make the girls as leading ladies and they are prepared for everything.

But not all of them are bad. The coin has both the sides.



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