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Learn patriotism from dogs says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today chided at the Congress leaders to learn patriotism from the dogs which were working for the Indian Army. He said that the Mudhol dogs inducted into the Indian Army will teach the Congress leaders what is patriotism. Modi was addressing a rally in Karnataka and said that the Congress leaders were acting in a partisan manner against the interest of the country.

Learn patriotism from dogs says PM Modi

He found fault with the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who joined the students at a campus rally where the students gave slogans against the country. Is this the right way to make slogans against the country he questioned? India got independence due to patriotism and we are developing the country with patriotism said, Modi. But the Congress gets the foul smell when we talk about independence and patriotisms Modi chided at them.

The Congress is joining with the people who are giving the slogans that Desh ke tukde honge. Is this patriotism he questioned. The mudhole dogs are serving the Nation, they will not be able to learn from the dogs also he opined. The Congress is not ready to learn even after losing so many elections he said. People drubbing them in all elections, but despite that, they are not learning he stated.



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