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Law Commission supports one-time poll

The law commission agreed to one country one poll idea of Prime Minister Modi supported by President Kovind. The idea is to conduct the elections for the parliament and also the assemblies at the same time to save the election expenditure, manpower and security.

law comission

The law commission said that after a thorough examination of the pros and cons, it has decided that the elections to the country at one go can be held early in 2019 and they will be in two phases. Both parliament that is lower house and the assemblies required will go for the election in one go.

Now in the old system, every year 6 states are going to the polls and there are elections throughout the year. Most of the time the political parties and the leaders are going for campaigning and doing politics and no time to think or concentrate on the development of the respective states or the nation.

Modi opined that if one time the elections are over then the respective leaders can think about the development and need not bother about the coming polls as they would be 5 years ahead.

law comission

While some of them endorsed the idea some other did not like the idea of the PM and the BJP. This will save time and money for the Government, but it requires a constitutional amendment and some changes here and there. The states have to agree and ratify the same.

To convince the regional parties and government for this move is difficult, At the same time, some of them said that the voters may give the same vote to the centre and state if the poll is held on the same day. Others said one vote may go to the central party for parliament and other votes may go to the state for the respective regional party.

If the poll is held on the same day the BJP is assured of a vote for the parliament candidate. Coming back to power at the centre is easy for the BJP.



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