Lakshmi Parvathi recommends Balaiah Babu

When Chandrababu Naidu is thinking of transferring power to Lokesh Babu his son, Lakshmi Parvathi the YSRC leader and the wife of TDP founder NT Rama Rao gas suggested that the TDP should be given to Balakrishna the Hindupur MLA and the son of senior NTR. Balaiah is the right man for the party and he should become the next CM she said.

Lakshmi Parvathi has good relations with Balaiah and it was she who went to Janareddy the then Home Minister under the Congress regime to save Balaiah in a murder case when Balaiah shot a man in his house with his revolver. It was LP who negotiated for Balaiah and brought him out of the case.

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Now she thinks Babu is already in trouble and he is poised to lose the next election. She opined that earlier it was Chandrababu who manipulated the EVMs and won the election and now he is worried about the EVMs as he knows how they can be manipulated. She also opined that only Nandamuri family members have got the right to take over the TDP and not the son of Chandrababu.

Balakrishna is the right man she opined. She said that Babu was worried that the YSRC popularity was growing and that the people would elect Jagan as the next CM of AP.

That was the reason he was talking about the EVMs manipulation she stated. If Balaiah comes people will encourage him she stated. If Balaiah takes over, will she come back to the TDP fold is the main question now.



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