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Ladies are new heroes

Ileana the long-legged Goan beauty says that the importance for the ladies is growing by the day in the movies as they are taking risks and performing well. She says that the lady-oriented films are becoming more and more giving a lot of importance to the heroines. Earlier ladies in the movies were just treated as glamour dolls and now it is not so.

They are getting equal importance like the leading men and in some of them the ladies are leading the movie she said. On the other hand, she is busy with Bollywood movies these days. It was Puri Jagannath that made her popular in Pokiri with Mahesh Babu and later she got a lot of opportunities.

 Ladies are new heroes

Now she is going study with a photographer and she wants to keep this information as personal and not for the gossips column. She says that the relationship is pure and never wants it in the media. She will only discuss the movies and things about her career in the media. Kneebone is the name of her boyfriend and she is gong study with him. She says he is the best ever hubby for her and not for the media columns.

Her latest film Raid with Ajay is doing well and her role is being appreciated. She is 30 and has a long way to go.



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