Ladies must react- be bold says Nagababu Cinema Top Stories 

Ladies must react- be bold says Nagababu

Casting couch is not new to the industry and the ladies can take the issue to the police and get them arrested Naga Babu said while addressing a press meet. It is there but we cannot do away with it overnight he stated. I am dead against those things, what can I do? I am individual. We are very strict we don’t do these things. When it came to my notice I slapped them. Some ladies are calm, they don’t report. You can report to the police he suggested the ladies.

Don’t blame the industry entirely. Some 10 percent cheats are there he agreed. We respect ladies, m daughter is also in the industry he said. Co-ordinators are like brokers in some instances and we will take care of it soon he stated. We do not know what is really happening below. The ladies can report to us directly he said. You have every right to complain.

Ladies must react- be bold says Nagababu

The work environment must also improve he said. We cannot give all of them with the vans. Ladies must be given proper place for dressing and toilets he said. KL Narayana and Kiran will look into the issue. The producers must take care of it with Mobile toilets and some vans for all ladies he suggested.

A casting couch is also in the TV industry he said. The ladies must become bold and complaint about the matter. We cannot give all the assurance to Telugu people. We cannot impose it. We are investing crores of money. All Indians can work anywhere in any language. It goes against the constitution he said.

The film industry has become a soft target he said. Why don’t you take good from the industry he questioned? Dont watch if you don’t like. The Censor must do its job he said. Lakhs are depending on the industry he reminded.



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