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This Kushi photo speaks volumes

A photo speaks more than a thousand words. Yes, indeed it is so. Here you can see a happy family along with non-other than the Kushi star and the Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. The Babai Abbai can be seen together for Abbasi birthday.

Cherry the birthday boy was overwhelmed yesterday as Pawan came for the cake cutting. His latest film Rangasthalam is ready for release and it is attracting the fans and audience in a great manner.

This Kushi photo speaks volumes

Kushi boy is known for not attending to such things. Nagendrababu fired at him in an audio function. But now he is seen in the family get together and Chiranjeevi the captain in the family was overwhelmed with the gesture of Pawan it is reported.

This comes in hand as the publicity for the Rangasthalam. Surekha wife of Chiranjeevi also felt honoured with this timely gesture of Pawan Kalyan it is learnt.

Let’s hope Pawan will have the support of Chiranjeevi for the Jana Sena fight against TDP and the mightly Chandrababu. It looks like finally, Pawan has realised as to what is his real strength.



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