Kumara Swamy Gowda Unhappy

Kumara Swamy Gowda is unhappy. He grabbed the CM post with the help of Congress and where the Congress MLAs are high in numbers and he has fewer numbers. Kumara Swamy said that he wanted to become king or the CM with peoples mandate but he is very unhappy that he is getting the post with the help of the Congress. This was not what he expected.

Now he has to be on tenterhooks with the post by the Congress and also with the JDS. He has to adjust to many things for the sake of CMs post. Now there will be 2 deputy CMs. He has to give 20 cabinet posts to the Congress and they are also asking for a key post that is the Home portfolio.

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One of the Congress MLAs has revealed that the so-called bribing tapes alleging BJP were doctored and not real. Earlier also once Gowda was in trouble when he was the CM. People are predicting that he may land in trouble again as he is taking the CM post having just a few MLAs with him. The Congress will always have the upper hand.

He will have the upper hand when the Congress and the JDS fight together against the BJP.



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