Kumara Gowdas survival is difficult!

Gowda will take oath as the CM of Karnataka, but how long will he run the show with his MLAs is a big question. After the formation of the Government, there will be disgruntled MLAs from the Congress and also the JDS and it is difficult to control them and satisfy them.
They have controlled them for two days before Yeddyurappa reigned, but once the ministry is formed and the cabinet is announced the disgruntled elements will soon show their true colours. There are predictions that within hours the real colours of the MLAs will come to light and that the JDS will be in trouble.


Some others are of the opinion that the Congress must get the CM post as they have a large number of MLAs. Giving the CM post to JDS is nothing but blackmailing that they would support the BJP.

The BJP might not have agreed to the proposal of CM post for JDS. The BJP will be always ready to poach the disgruntled elements from the Congress and also the JDS. Gowda is meeting Rahul and Sonia and they are supposed to give him a broad outline of the cabinet. The JDS chief has made it amply clear that the CM post will be with him and that it will not be given to the Congress after some time. It will not be in the rotation he said.


But in an alliance, the largest number of MLAs will have to claim for the CM post if not at least in the rotation. But here the whims and fancies of JDS are going on as the Congress wanted to prevent BJP.

The CM post will be with Gowda but the keys might be with the Congress high command that is what people say.



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