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Kuchies killer gets lifetime

Kuchi bhotla Srinivas the techie from Hyderabad was killed by a Navy man , Adam in USA and he was sentenced to life. The engineer was killed in a bar in a shootout where Adam dictated and shouted get out of my country. The incident created a sensation across the world and also in India apart from Botlas hometown Hyderabad.

Three people were injured in the bar while the friend of Srinivas and another man who intervened has survived. The incident occurred soon after a month that the new President has taken over America and there was a huge concern among the Indian families working in the USA.

After facing criticism, Trump finally talked about the gruesome incident and later talked to the wife of Srinivas in a function at white house. In March this year, Adam has pledged guilty of killing Srinivas from Hyderabad.



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