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KTR questions Congress party

What did Congress party do for the welfare of the farming community KTR the IT Minister questioned? They did not do anything to the people when they were in power and now they want more for the farmers. We are giving at least Rs 8000 and what did you do for them he asked the opposition in Telangana.

People who do not do anything have no right to question the people who are doing something KTR stated. He was speaking to a section of farmers after giving away some cheques and Passbooks today. He said that the KCR government will do whatever is possible. Welfare will be the topmost item on the agenda and there will be no going back he assured the farmers.

KTR questions Congress party

KTR said that the farming community was a happy lost and that the Congress was trying to distract them. People are very intelligent and they cannot be distracted he pointed out to the opposition.

He mentioned about various welfare schemes and questioned as to what did they do for the people of Telangana. He explained that KCR was asking for devolution of powers and once they are with the state a lot of things can be done to the people from the state directly. That was the reason KCR was trying for an alternative he stated.

As long as the people are with the TRS no power on earth can stop them he said. He was confident that the people have decided to elect the TRS again in Telangana and Congress will end up with nothing.



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