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KTR and Mahesh go viral

The views shared by Mahesh Babu and KTR over each other apart from the governance and politics have gone viral.

KTR admitted with Mahesh that he was facing trouble with his family as he is unable to take time off to go on a holiday. KTR said that his wife is demanding that if Mahesh being a busy star can go on a holiday why not KTR give the time for the family.

But Mahesh was quick enough to say that being a hero is easy than being a politician.

The life of a politician is very demanding and difficult Mahesh opined. But both of them did not agree on role reversal and they wanted to go on a holiday. In fact, Mahesh wanted to go on a holiday with KTR. Even before the release of BAN Mahesh was on a holiday with family members. He travels a lot whenever he gets time.

KTR and Mahesh go viral

KTR also added that he could relate some sequences of BAN with his own life and his father KCR also had no time to spend with the family as he was busy with the welfare of the public. That was his first priority and the family comes next.

Now it is same with KTR also. In fact, Kavitha also has less time for her family and most of the time she is working for the public shuttling between Delhi and Hyderabad apart from Nizamabad.

That way KTR has related his life with BAN and said that it was a realistic film with good treatment and close to reality. The discussion between Koratala, Mahesh and KTR are viral on the social media. They all jelled well and the discussion was fruitful.



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