Kousalya –Sunitha in trouble

Singers Kousalya and Sunitha are among the leading singers of Telugu cinema known for sweet voice but having bad relations with husbands.

Kousalya said that she is quite sensitive and is quite scared about reading articles that are written about her.

Sunitha is bold and taking care of her children. Not bothered about her husband.

“Kousalya said :I was being tortured for over six years after which I wanted to part ways. Verbal abuse shocked my parents and I never brought my professional life to the home.

I was asked to stay away from my choices and had no freedom. After finding it tough to stay with my husband, I decided to separate”, she said.

Sunitha is happy with the children and bothered about the career and not about husband.

Her husband is in a relationship with another woman and I came to know about it later”, said Kousalya .



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