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Koratala lured by political parties

Boyapati, Trivikram and Raghavendra Rao were some of the favourite directors for the political parties in making advertisement films for the publicity. TDP used Raghavendra Rao earlier. Now Boyapati is the consultant for Chandrababu Naidu as he is very close to Balakrishna. Trivikram was also consulted by one or two political parties, but he is permanent to Janasena as he is close to Pawan Kalyan.

Now the latest is Koratala Siva who has delivered a super duper message with Bharat ane Nenu being a political film which has grossed about Rs 200 crore. The Political want a similar kind of publicity film so that they can reach the 2019 goal. Galla Jaydev the TDP MP from Guntur is very close to Koratala as Galla is related to Mahesh Babu.

The TDP is trying to rope in Koratala Siva through Galla. But Koratala is not interested even though a big sum was offered to him. Raghavendra Rao is already working on NTR movie and he could suggest some ideas to TDP.

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Most of the political leaders in Andhra tried to compare themselves with Bharat of BAN. But Mahesh the hero said they followed the KTR of TRS for looking like CM and they copied the KTR style.

Jagan tried to compare himself with the life of BAN hero. But the central theme of BAN runs around the welfare schemes and ideas of KCR where he is encouraging the local governance.



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