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Koratala in a fix -Next movie issues

Koratala Siva the director of Bharat Ane Nenu is in a fix. These after the success of BAN he is getting a number of calls from producers and they are suggesting the names of heroes for a movie. They are hoping to sell the movie for around 150 crores.

But Koratala is in a dilemma this time. He wants to make a pucca Masala movie and for that, he has a hero in mind. But he is being pressurised to make a movie with a hero from the mega compound.

Koratala is interested in Prabhas it is reported. He talked with his friends over this subject and also told them that he was being forced and pressurised. That is the reason he is not taking the calls from any producers or heroes these days. He is planning for a movie which can be done in a short period also. At the same time, he working for the BAN-2 and is touch with Mahesh from time to time.

Koratala in a fix -Next movie issues

Koratala is also planning to meet Prabahis the Mirchi hero while the hero is busy with Sahoo his home production. After BAN all the heroes who can afford to rope in producers are looking at Koratala for a movie. But Koratala has no stories that suit them. He is not having any ready-made story except for BAN-2. BAN was shot extensively and it can for about 5 hours it is reported.

Koratala is also in search of a medium range hero who will suit for the movie which he wants to make in the shortest period possible.



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