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Koratala and a fast track movie with Akhil

There are rumours in Tollywood that Nagarjuna Akkineni has requested the ace director Koratala Siva to do a movie with his son Akhil. Akhil could not get hit in the recent times and is really craving for a good director and a story. The movie will be made on a fast track basis. Koratal usually takes a year to complete a movie. But this will be completed in just six months.

It will be a masala movie with a mould for Akhil and no messages. Pucca mass masala.

But some other sources said Koratala is not interested in working with Akkinenis and especially Akhil. One has to get it confirmed only after the muhurat shot. Now, most of the heroes want to work with Koratala. Koratala is looking at Prabhas again.

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He wants to make big movies. Before that, there will be a short one with speed and risk. The BAN director is also looking at medium range heroes who have given hit to the industry with good acting abilities. But Nag is after Koratala and let’s hope this combination materialises and Akhil gets a hit from Koratala.



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