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Kona Venkat wants legal action against Srireddy

Kona Venkat the ace writer who also produced some films in Tollywood said that the allegations made by Srireddy are baseless and that Sri is stooping low for some cheap publicity. He brushed aside the allegations made by her and said that the police must inquire into these allegations and take suitable action on whoever is guilty.

He said that he, in fact, has always encouraged the local and the Telugu talent. He wanted the truth to come out and that the law must take its own course. He has nothing to do with Srireddy and her allegations Kona clarified. He also added that in Geetanjali that the film he made, it was all local Telugu talent.

He demanded that the police and the Government must investigate into the episode thoroughly and come out with the facts and truths. He said that one individual cannot malign the industry and put a stamp that they are bad people as they could not give her roles in their films.

Kona Venkat wants legal action against Srireddy

On the other hand, the revelations are rocking and shocking to the film industry and it has to be seen what twists and turns it will take.

Earlier it was drugs issue which rocked some directors and actors. Now it Srireddy like Suchi leaks giving some info or the other day in and day out. The MAA should give her a card and they would lose nothing if they do that.

Teja should give her a role or two as promised. Then she might get satisfied for some time that she has won her fight to get the card and also the roles that she was craving for.



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