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Kompalli turns pink-bravo KCR

Running a political party for the last 17 years was not an easy task for K Chandrasekhar Rao, the TRS chief who is being called as the Telangana Bapu. KCR the son of the soil has been running the Government for 4 years after achieving Telangana state. He made it number one and people are following his policies and welfare schemes in other states.

Even the PM Modi praised the efforts of KCR openly several times.

Welfare has been his hallmark and that is keeping the Government safe and people are with the TRS.

Kompalli turns pink-bravo KCR

Giving financial assistance to the farming community for cultivation along with power is one of the greatest welfare measures which no one has thought of so far. Now the Central government is thinking in these lines to win over the rural masses it is learnt. Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bageeratha are the schemes that will quench the thirst of the soil and also the people in the days to come.

KCR vowed that he will not ask for votes if every household is not provided with a water connection. One must have guts to talk like that and it is only KCR who can do it. When it comes to welfare the people’s man never bothered about funds. Now he wants to go to Delhi.

He wants to create an alternative to BJP and the Congress in the country and the strategy would be announced today at the Plenary.

There are rumours of appointing a working president, but KTR the son of KCR just brushed away saying that KCR was enough for doing the job and no such post is required. Like the late NTR the former Chief Minister of AP, KCR is able to win the hearts of people and it is for sure that he will come back in the next elections.

Kompalli turns pink-bravo KCR

There is no alternative as of now for the TRS in the next elections. KCR is planning to take some risk in the next elections by taking some of the seniors along with him to Delhi. More than 6 MLAs are set to contest as MPs along with KCR in the next elections it is learnt. One or two MPs may come to the state and contest as MLAs. There are rumours that Kavitha will come to the state and Harish will go to the centre.

The air will be cleared by this evening in the plenary by KCR. The Congress is groping in the dark here in Telangana. The BJP is nowhere, they will be happy if the MLAs can retain the seats in Telangana. Kodandaram must know that dealing with students and workers is different from running the politics. The MIM is strongly with KCR and that is more than enough for him to win again.






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