Kohli is also a human being

Ravi Shastri the team coach said that even Virat Kohli is also a human being and that you cannot treat him as a run machine all the time. Kohli as of now is on rest and is suffering from a neck injury. He will not be playing the county cricket but is said to be fit and fine by June 15 for the England tour.

virat kohli and ravi shasri

He will undergo a fitness test and will join the team for the England tour. Shastri said that Kohli is being rested as he is not the top dog at this point in time. You cannot give him the rocket fuel and make him run for the team. He is a human being and not a run machine will take some time for him to heal and get ready for the cricket.

virat kohli and ravi shasri

Virat Kohli, who was scheduled to play for Surrey CCC in the month of June, has been ruled out from participating. This decision was taken following assessments by the BCCI Medical team, subsequent scans, and a specialist visit. The Team India captain will now undergo a period of rehabilitation under the supervision of the BCCI Medical team.”



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