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Kohli and the Harry Potter look

The Indian Captain Virak Kohli will be in news all the time. If not with the cricket or winning matches, he will create some other news with his style statements. If not this then he will give us a pic with his wife Anushka who is a busy Bollywood star.

Now he has posted a pic wearing round frame glasses. Usually, they are called as Gandhi frames in some parts of the country but Universally people are calling them Harry Potter glasses and have branded this look of Kohli as Potter look.

The youth likes it and we can say that Kohli has made a splash with this new look. Anushka is yet to comment on this new look of Kohli.

Earlier cricketers were just wedded to cricket only. But now they are making style statements. They are into movies, modelling, working for advertisements, biopics so on and so forth. They make news with new hairstyles, tattoos, show muscles, 6 packs so on and so forth.

Showing off with vehicles, riding bullets is also a fashion statement these days.

Meeting film stars, dancing with them, dating is also news.



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