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Keep smiling- stay cool

The expression on the face is always important but some people say without any expression makes their life safe.

People are of the opinion staying without any expression makes them look cool and that they won’t have any problems.

But the research proved beyond doubt that it is not correct. One must express to stay fresh and cool. Smiling is always best and safe, the research concludes and that smiling people have been found to be not only cool but also appealing.

The Universty of Arizona in USA has done a survey and research on the attitude and behaviour of smiling people.

Smiling has won all the appreciation and they say that it is always right to smile and it keeps them cool.

Keep smiling- stay cool

Being unexpressive makes the people unresponsive and that is not the right attitude. It makes you unfriendly and keeps you away from others.

That is the reason models in all the advertisements are made to smile first. While singing also people are made to smile so that the songs get recorded very well and they sound friendly.

People who have seen the smiling models were given a top rating by the viewers.They were treated to be friendly and responsive.

Smiling people were considered to be good and cool icons.You can see Sachin Tendulkar smiling that is the best example of cool and composed posture.

He never loses his cool and that made him Bharataratna.

So keep smiling it takes you forward.



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