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Keech is not carrying

Hazel Keech the wife of Yuvraj said ..I appreciate you are not copying and pasting the rumours since you’re the only media person to actually ask me – No, I am not pregnant.”

Medi asked her – When are you planning for a family? To which Hazel responded back giggling, “Nothing set stone as of now. It’ll happen when it has to happen as our marriage happened.

Keech is not carrying

It’s destiny. I don’t know how will it happen if I am pregnant will he be around as he has to travel so much.”

Media quizzed her on the fact that has anything changed post marriage. “Between us, not really. I think we are kind of happier now and we both have the security of marriage with us.

You know he is far busier now, so I hardly see him post marriage. We are exactly the same. We are very transparent in that sense.”Keech ended.



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