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KCRs Federal front to be a reality

K Chandrasekhar Rao the Telangana CM has given a right call by saying anti-Congress and Anti-BJP front. The people have rejected the Congress outright in Karnataka and it shows the mood for 2019. Some people have said that without Congress it is not possible to win over BJP. But the people’s mood is against the Congress outright and it will be of no use aligning with the Congress in name of secular fabric so on and so forth.

Modi is undoubtedly the PM for 2019 also and Yeddyurappa who told that he would give in writing that the BJP is winning Karnataka. Gali brothers the mining kings have made it one can say and they are safe. It was anti-incumbency against Siddharamaiah that made the BJP win by a big margin.

KCRs Federal front to be a reality

The RSS gave a report that the BJP was losing the election, but it looks like a well-planned strategy to make the BJP towards victory. Now Mamatha, KCR, Chandrababu, Akhilesh and all others can work for a front barring the Congress and BJP. If Congress had won Karnataka then people cannot afford to ignore Rahul.

But it is now all over for Rahul and KCR has proved right in his strategy that one must go against the Congress and BJP for developing India and for bringing a change across India.

KCRs Federal front to be a reality

So its advantage KCR and the Federal front. It looks like KCR knew the Congress would lose Karnataka. Now it clear that you cannot underestimate Modi. Modi and BJP are here to stay for another two terms. No demonstration and no GST effect.

There is no hope for the Congress in the country and it has to reinvent itself.



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