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KCR wants a fresh chamber

Chief Minister KCR who is not using the state secretariat is happy with the new construction Pragathi Bhavan where he can accommodate thousands of people and leaders at a time. He can also arrange food to them on a large scale.

The other day he was at the council building and was very unhappy with his chamber here. It was evident that he does not want to use the same chamber used by YSR Kiran and others and moreover, he opined that it does not have a proper Vaastu.

It is reported that he liked the office of Chakrapani the former Chairman of the council. The same chamber is being expanded and being spruced up to suit needs of the Chief Minister and according to the Vaastu suggested by him.

Here KCR for the first time went around the council building and then suggested some changes here and there for the benefit of the legislators it is reported.

He is a man who always all other to be comfortable along with him. There are times when he slept in hotel rooms without beds. He also slept on the newspapers. He had food sitting on the roads and all that for the sake of Telangana and the people of Telangana.



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