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KCR is Telangana Gandhi

K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM is the Telangana Gandhi said, Deputy CM Mahmood Ali. He was talking at a farmers rally where he has given away the passbooks and cheques to the farmers. In an exciting mood, Ali said that we cannot find a CM of this kind anywhere in the country.

Balka Suman the MP lashed out a the Congress leaders saying that they have no right to talk against the KCR family members. He clarified that all of them in the KCR family were elected by the people and they were nominated. He said that the Congress leaders who were accustomed to corruption are in no mood to digest the governance of KCR which is very transparent and liked by all the sections of the people.

No one in the country ever bothered to give some finance to the agriculture and come to the rescue of the farming community said Gutta Sukendar Reddy. This is the first that a CM has given Government money for the sake of agriculture he pointed out.

KCR is Telangana Gandhi

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy the man at the helm of affairs the agriculture minister said that the farming has become a festival in Telangana and people were happy with the irrigation, power, seeds and other facilities being extended free by the Government apart from the money that they are giving now.

In the same fashion majority of the people are praising the efforts of the KCR in reaching out to the farming community. Many senior citizens are blessing him saying that no one has thought of a scheme of his kind where the farmers are given money directly for the sake of farming.



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