KCR surges towards Bangaru Telangana.. 

The state of Telangana under the dynamic leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao is on the right track moving towards Bangaru Telangana at a faster pace. It is number one in the country in various aspects and collecting good revenues for the future. The state will be celebrating its 4th anniversary tomorrow when the farmers are blessing the Chief Minister.
June 2nd is the day when the state got independence under the dynamic leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao now being called as the Bapu of Telangana. The pensioners treat him as the family member and now farmers call him annadata.
Now KCR is planning to get the required qualitative change at the National level. Who knows it could be Pranab Mukherjee, the PM candidate of the entire opposition or the third front in 2019?
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Welfare has become the hallmark for the people of Telangana. Almost in all the sectors, the state is surging forward at a greater pace and by the time the elections are nearing the targets will be fulfilled.
KTR the dynamic IT Minister keeps reminding the people and also the opposition that if they dot fulfil the dreams, they will not ask for votes. The TRS government wants to see that every household gets the water at their doorstep.
The farms have turned green, the lakes are filled with water up to the brim and the farmers have enough money for doing agriculture. What more can one ask for? Now they also have the double bedroom houses given free of cost by the Government.
Lakhs of houses are being constructed across the state.
Many states are looking at Telangana in awe, for the implementation of various welfare schemes in their respective states. Even Pm Modi is happy with the performance of KCR and many Ministers were made to visit the state to know the details of the welfare schemes.
Let’s hope the same tempo will continue and KCR achieves the Bangaru Telangana by 2019 and marches ahead in bringing a change at the National level challenging the Congress and the BJP.
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