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KCR suggests for Milk revolution in TS

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that very soon a comprehensive scheme for the development of dairy sector will be launched in the State to make it a “Ksheera Viplavam (Milk Revolution) in which Milk Producers from the Vijaya Dairy Development Society, Mulkanur Dairy Development Society, Nalgonda and Rangareddy Districts Dairy Development Societies and Karimnagar will be given top priority in the schemes to be announced.

      KCR suggests for Milk revolution in TS

As a prelude to the proposed Milk Revolution to be launched soon, the Chief Minister has accepted the demand of the other Dairy farmers of the Societies to give them Rs 4 per Litre as the incentive as is done in the case of the dairy farmers of the Vijaya Dairy.

The Chief Minister has also announced that the government through Dairy Development Societies would provide 50 percent subsidy for buying a Buffalo by the farmer and the subsidy would be 75 percent if the Dairy farmers happen to be from the SC/ST community.

       KCR suggests for Milk revolution in TS

In return, the CM has asked for a favour that every farmer in his household should plant 6 saplings and name each sapling after one of their family members and take care of the plants by watering regularly. To this, the gathering of over eight thousand dairy farmers responded positively by giving a thunderous applause.

The CM assured that the Rs 4 per Litre incentive will be implemented from September 24 onwards and the distribution of Buffaloes will commence after two months.



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