KCR sanctions 500 crore to Police

Honourable Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has urged the police to come to the rescue of the helpless and help them like God who helps those who cannot help themselves. People who are rich and who have contacts can get things done but it is the poor and meek that need the help of police and personnel in uniform should bear this in mind while discharging the duties. The CM has asked the police to stand by the oppressed, the poor and the victimised.

The police should be complemented as they are not only maintaining the law and order but also doing their social duties. The police who have successfully eradicated playing cards and illicit liquor should also focus on controlling the adulterated and fake items. The CM praised the police for controlling Naxalism and extremism and proving those feared that Naxalism and extremism would raise once the Telangana state is formed. Since the law and order situation in the State is good, investments are pouring in and the state has become a destiny for the investments, the CM said.

KCR sanctions 500 crore to Police

“The Prime Minister and Union Home Minister on several occasions have hailed the Telangana police which made me happy and proud,” the CM said. He said several measures have been initiated for strengthening the police and more measures will be taken in future including appointment of 15,000 people.

The CM made the inaugural address of the statewide police conference held here at HICC. Home Minister Sri Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Sri SP Singh, DGP Sri Anurag Sharma, Hyderabad Commissioner Sri Mahender Reddy, DGs Sri Anjani Kumar, Sri Krishna Prasad, Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy and others participated.

“During the 14 years of Telangana movement, police though in uniform have extended their support. The Telangana State, which we all got with lot of hard work, the police are also playing a key role and contributing to its development. Police setup is a key department and if it is good the rest also will be good.

KCR sanctions 500 crore to Police

“Even I could concentrate on other issues because the law and order situation is good or else my energies would have been concentrated on this. People created apprehensions that if Telangana state is formed there will be increase in naxal activities and law and order problems. But our police have busted the myth in a short time. This credit goes to the police. Each time when I am in Delhi both the PM and Home Minister praises the work done by our police, they have praised atleast a dozen times.

The Telangana police also working for the national security. The youngest State of India has become the greatest police in India. This gives me happiness and I am proud of it. Though there are some changes made, still Police setup needs more changes and new methods. People should get rid of their fear of police and they should treat police as their friend. The Police department also should be on the higher plain. We have taken measures for the protection and welfare of women working in the department. When I toured Bhoopalpally and Khammam areas, women police have told me about some of their problems. We have to make certain facilities for them. The government is ready to give funds,” the CM said.

KCR sanctions 500 crore to Police

“Give promotions immediately and all those who are eligible in all the divisions should be promoted. The government is ready to create supernumerary posts, if need be. When we are taking their services we should also take care of their promotions and give them their due respect. Retired employees should get all their benefits on the day of their retirement, they should be felicitated and dropped at their house in the police vehicle. Such acts will instill moral strength in them,” the CM suggested.

“In Telangana state we have initiated measures for strengthening the police department which no other state ever did in the country. We have allocated more funds in the Budget. We have purchased 4000 new vehicles and will buy some more and we will realise Rs 500 Crore for this. We have appointed 12,000 people and in future we will appoint another 15000 persons.

We will fill up SI and DSP posts. We are giving risk allowance to those working in Security and Traffic. For the maintenance of police stations based on their status, Rs 25,000, Rs 50,000 and Rs 75,000 per month is given and we will provide more whatever the department asks for. Any officer of any level can give us suggestions,” the CM said.

“The police have done a wonderful job in several issues. They have successfully controlled playing cards and illicit liquor trade. There is fall in rowdyism and goondaism. SHE teams are working well and the women feel protected. The government has banned Matka and Gutka. The police should focus on controlling fake and spurious items. There is adulteration in Milk, Eggs, Rice, Turmeric powder, Red Chilli powder etc., there are fake passports and certificates, the police should concentrate on this. People are getting cheated in various methods and the police should focus on them. The police are fortunate enough have the Nation’s official symbol three Lions on their uniform and they have the utmost responsibility.

If an SI feels that nothing unlawful can happen in his police station limits, nothing will happen. The police should work on this. Police should stand by the Oppressed and the victimised; the rich can get their things done but the poor dependent on the police and God.

The police should take the form of God. There are no political pressures from the government. The police have the freedom to maintain the law and order without any compromise and the police should take advantage of the opportunity provided to them,” the CM advised.

“New type of crimes and offences are happening in the cities and towns. To control crime, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy and Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand did an excellent job and became role model for others. I want Mahender Reddy to conduct training programmes for maintaining law and order in other Corporations and Cities.

The police are effectively doing their job and the other jobs entrusted to them by the government. CV Anand is doing a wonderful job in Public Distribution System. By forming SHE teams, Swathi Lakra and by controlling illicit liquor Akun Sabharwal are doing a commendable job. Many police officers are doing their job with social commitment,” the CM said.

KCR sanctions 500 crore to Police

During his address the CM cracked several jokes and lightened the atmosphere. “District level under SP there will be meetings in which DSPs, CIs and SIs take part and they call it crime meeting! Who will have the crime meeting, the police or the thieves?” the CM observed and wanted the nomenclature Crime should be removed from Crime stations, Crime Meetings, Crime review.

“Political parties know how to use police but never complement them but the TRS hailed the services rendered by the police. During the GHMC polls we have asked people to vote for our party saying that we could control crime with the help of SHE teams and others. People gave 99 Corporators to us in the GHMC and such a thing never happened in the country,” the CM said.

Before the inauguration of the conference the CM visited the Police Exhibition held at HICC. A police dog gave a bouquet to the CM to welcome him and the dog squad saluted to the CM. The CM watched the Bomb Squad, Protection and Disposal equipment and inquired about the police communications system.

The police have shown the CM how Clues team and Forensic wings function. The CM is also informed about various weapons and their capacity. The modem equipment that detects drugs, Thumb impression identification and how through thumb print one can get the criminal history of the person.

The CM also informed about the fake currency note detector and how SHE teams are identifying the roadside Romeos and this was also shown in the exhibition. DGP Anurag Sharma, CP Mahender Reddy and other officers took the CM around and explained about functioning of various wings.



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