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KCR to rise as a Southern leader

It looks like more or less the regional leaders in various parts of the country are slowly coming to terms with the argument  K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. Today he met Karunanidhi of DMK and appraised him of the situation on the proposed Federal Front. It is learnt that Karunanidhi and his son has given a patient hearing to KCR and agreed with his point of argument.

KCR to rise as a Southern leader
But earlier the DMK wanted to join the front being worked out by Mamatha. But KCR also approached Mamatha and tried to convince on the Federal front. Is Mamatha with KCR or not is yet to be confirmed? She supported KCR first and now they say there is some change in her attitude. Deve Gowda the JDS leader is also with KCR.

The regional parties agree with KCR that the states must have more powers for self-governance and that there was no need for any interference from the centre.

There are allegations that the BJP was not looking after the states governed by the regional leaders. They are looking after the welfare of the states where BJP is in power it is alleged. Chandrababu Naidu the CM of AP is now dead against the centre and Modi and is wanting to trounce Modi in Karnataka.

KCR has listed various subjects where there was no need of centres interference and some regional leaders agree on that. If this concept goes on then KCR will become the leader from the south, who could stop Modi in 2019 and make a difference to the nation.

 KCR to rise as a Southern leader
If Babu joins KCR, then it will definitely make a double impact on the BJP and Congress. But Chandrababu wants to grow on his own and wants to be a kingmaker again. If not the Kingmaker he wants to spoil the chances of BJP in the next elections. There are leaders in BJP who want to see the defeat of Modi.

But Modi is an unpredictable leader and he is so fast that you will not be able to understand his moves and the result would be that you will see him winning in the end.



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