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KCR moves faster than Modi

It seems like Chandrababu Naidu is in deep trouble. He has rubbed the BJP on the wrong side and now KCR is also planning to take the cases against Chandrababu to a logical conclusion.

What happens if the note for vote case is reopened and what will be the consequences if the centre stars enquiring on some scam allegations against the AP CM.

The issue was raised by Pawan Kalyan now KCR is following it up. Who prevailed upon KCR is the big question. It looks like Babu did a big mistake by supporting and funding the Congress in Karnataka this time. KCR indirectly does not want Congress to win in Karnataka.

KCR moves faster than Modi

If Congress become strong they will find the Congress in Telangana making it tough for the TRS here.

When people thought that the BJP would foist cases against Chandrababu, KCR is planning to take the vote for a note to a logical conclusion.

One has to see how Chandrababu is going wriggle out of the situation and face the trouble from BJP and TRS. The other day KCR said that Babu is his good and would consult him on the proposed federal front.

KCR moves faster than Modi

But Babu did not like the idea of the Federal front. He feels that he is the only man who has got the patent to become a Kingmaker. He is unable to digest the fact that KCR is surging ahead in forming the alternative front.

Now Babu is isolated from both the sides. On the other hand, the YSRC chief Jagan who is going to the court on every Friday looks a relaxed man. There are people who say that there is every chance now for Jagan to become a CM of AP.

pawan Kalyan the Janasena chief is ready with his ratham to divide the votes of TDP this time.

So it is not easy for babu this time..

KCR moves faster than Modi





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