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KCR meets Devegowda

When people thought nothing is happening from the third front angle and that KCR the Telangana CM is keeping quiet, the unassuming leader in a surprising move has taken off to Banguluru and met former PM Deve Gowda. It may be noted that KCR earlier met Mamata Didi and she compliments him for fighting against the BJP.

Now he along with Prakash Raj the cine actor was seen in the airport flying in a chartered plane to meet Deve Gowda and discuss the future strategy for the proposed alternative to BJP and Congress.

There were rumours that KCR has shelved the idea of the alternative front and that he would concentrate on the state Politics till the elections are over in Telangana. But he is not keeping quiet. He is still toying with the idea of the front barring the Congress and the BJP.

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There are times when some people encouraged and him some discouraged him. But KCR will try and try till he succeeds. We have seen him during the Telangana movement and people said he is bound to lose. He was the one man who believed in himself and got it ultimately. With the same spirit, he is moving forward and this will make all the difference.

Who knows KCR might be able to split the votes in the coming elections and that other parties might gain in the process of fighting against the BJP.

The question is if Prakash Raj is willing to enter politics and would he become anchorperson for the front. Will he go around the country and campaign against Modi is the question. KCR might convince him to do so as he has good reasoning and Charisma that the people will listen to him.



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