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KCR to join hands with Babu

Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao who met some National and regional leaders for the sake of federal front is now aiming at joining hands with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Both the CMs of Telugu states are unhappy with the attitude of centre and also the behaviour of Modi. If babu comes into the fold of KCR then so many others will join the proposed Federal front or set up aimed at taking on the Congress and also BJP.

There were differences between babu and KCR earlier. The TDP chief tried to pull down the KCR government and KCR caught him redhanded in a vote for note case and was on the verge of sending him to jail.

KCR to join hands with Babu
Later they patched up and now would fight to save themselves and the states from the centre. The Telugu states have a common cause in the name of development and they would invite all the like-minded parties to fight against the partisan attitude of the centre and also the PM Modi.

Today after meeting Karunanidhi and Stalin in Chennai KCR said that Babu was a very good friend to him and he would discuss on eh future strategy with him and take the proposal forward. If this happens then the country will look at the Telugu states for leadership and for Modi it will become a severe setback.

 KCR to join hands with Babu
Both KCR and babu are working hard to make a come back in the states. While Telangana is racing ahead in development with sufficient funds, the AP is suffering from the paucity of funds.

Amit Shah tried to patch up with Babu several times, but babu did not budge and the gap widened further. Now if KCR and Babu join hands it will be Ram Ram with BJP forever.



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