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KCR has instilled confidence-Country needs a change

I want to bring in a change in the National politics and I will work for it K Chandrasekhar Rao the Telangana CM said. This is not a political stunt and not for the 2019 elections. This is a sincere effort t to bring in the required change for the welfare of the people he said.

Samajwadi party chief Akhilesh is in Hyderabad and we have been talking over the phone over the issue KCR said. We had a detailed discussion KCR explained. I will bring in the qualitative change in the Indian politics said KCR. The economy is not growing at the desired levels KCR stated. The people are very unhappy and all the sections are unsatisfied he said.

We will take it forward he said. This cannot be done overnight and it is a big process for liberating the economy of the country KCR explained. When China can do it, why not India he questioned?

KCR has instilled confidence-Country needs a change

We are in a dialogue with each other. I am happy to come to Hyderabad and KCR has instilled confidence in the people Akhilesh opined.

The water problem is a big issue in the world. The farmer can be happy only if the country is developed he said. The change being brought in in Telangana must come in the country also he said. The people are disappointed with the Present government at the centre he said. I am happy that the TS leader KCR is working on joining the parties against the BJP.

The BJP did not walk the talk he said. We will continue the dialogue and as the elections come near this will gain momentum he said. The good work done by KCR will get all the support of Samajwadi party he said. This will help the farming community in a long way he said.

We have to improve the relations he said. We have to cultivate it and move forward he stated. The beginning is good and it has to reach the target he stated. We will not reveal the strategy in open, we are working on it Akhilesh said. The country is craving for a change he said. For development political will is also required Akhilesh stated. The regional parties must come forward for the change he suggested.

Don’t politicise our efforts KCR suggested the Media. There is nothing political in this and this is just a beginning he explained. This is not for the 2019 polls KCR clarified. The change will be by consensus only he said. Both Congress and BJP failed so a new alternative will come KCR said . In two months time, we will give the agenda and direction he stated. This is for the betterment of people and the nation he explained.



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