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KCR is gutsy Chief Minister

K Chandrasekhar Rao the Chief Minister of Telangana is proving to be a better chief Minister than Chandrababu Naidu the CM of AP who claims to be the senior politician with a lot of experience. Not bothering about the results of the elections KCR is just forging ahead with his works and development works.

The panchayat elections are due in October and the Telangana Government is ready to hold the elections. Then KCR will have to face the General elections and he is more than ready to face the people.

But the AP CM is in a dilemma. The opposition says that Babu is almost running away from the elections as the atmosphere is not conducive to him. While KCR is damn sure of coming back in the next elections, Babu is in doubt. The YSRC if gaining sympathy and strength here. The TDP is having internal bickerings in the state.

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The cheques and Passbooks scheme launched by the TRS government is a great hit and all other CMs in the country are trying to do the same to win over the confidence of the farming community. The irrigation schemes, the power supply and the money to farmers will get back the power to the TRS Government in 2019.

But Babu has nothing to talk about. He is facing serious corruption allegations. His Lokesh is also being named in these deals. The BJP from the centre has turned against him.

So it is no easy for TDP next time. But KCR is just doing things and not bothered about the elections and results. He confident that the people are with TRS and they want TRS at any cost in 2019 again.



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