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KCR a great singer says KTR

KCR the Telangana Chief Minister is a great orator everyone knows about it. Trivikram Srinivas is Matala mantrikudu he can write but cannot speak like KCR. KCR can speak for length in the local slang. It will touch your heart. He can speak both in Andhra and also Telangana slang.

He loves literature, he likes good food, he wants to be a great host all the time.

But KTR while speaking at a function in Khajaguda for the welfare of the cancer patients said that his father sings very well and that he has won many prizes not only in elocution but also singing.

He said that KCR is a fan of SP Balasubramaniam. KCR remembers lot of old songs and also can discuss the writer and also the literature involved in the song. KTR said he also likes songs, but he is so busy that has no time to listen to the songs. He goes to movies now and then with the family.

But KCR and Himanshu see some movies at Pragathi Bhavan with the help of Home theatre.
SP Balasubramaniam was there in the function and here KTR was very happy to listen to the songs live here. It was a fundraiser meet for the cancer patients. This is the first time that KTR talked about his father KCR and that he can sing songs.

Who knows KCR might sing songs to win over people in the next elections. His speech for 30 minutes is enough to make people spellbound and get them voted for the TRS.



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