KCR -Federal front -reaches Delhi

K Chandrasekhar Rao will be meeting the Prime Minister Modi on Friday and will have discussions on various aspects of development in Telangana. Earlier KCR went to Delhi on a 3 days visit but returned back the same day as PM was pressed with other things. Now KCR received a communique to meet PM Modi at 12.30 in the noon.

Political circles have attached a lot of significance to this meeting. From the beginning, KCR has been a supporter of Modi and his policies including GST and demonetisation. But in the recent times, he has changed and wants a new India barring the Congress and the BJP. He is trying to weave a front for the same in the name of the Federal front.

While Amit Shah is busy dealing with other leaders like Shiva Sena, Modi has thought it fit to meet KCR and gauge on the future thinking of the TRS. Chandrababu who was also a supporter of Modi has moved away from the NDA in the name of special status and people liked it.

 modi kcr

But KCR is having a big hurdle called as Congress for forming the front. All other want Congress with them. Some others have said that without Congress the front cannot be formed. After meeting Modi, KCR might change his stance or continue his stance for the federal front. If the opposition gets divided into two with a congress and non-congress front against the BJP, the election in 2019 becomes easy for Modi.

A single front against Modi will be a problem for NDA. Let’s hope KCR continues with his federal front.



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