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The KCR crop insurance for farmers

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has said that the proposed Insurance Scheme in the Telangana State, announced by him benefitting the family of the farmers, will show the way to the whole Indian farming community.

The CM has asked Principal Secretary for Agriculture and Principal Secretary Finance to have a detailed discussion with Life Insurance Corporation Officers for fixing the rate and for finalizing other modalities.

The Honourable CM held a review meeting in Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday afternoon on the proposed Insurance scheme for the farmer.

The CM had a detailed discussion on the Insurance Scheme including the Government of India scheme which has a farmer’s share in paying the premium. The CM expressed the view that the state should go on its own in implementing the scheme free of cost to the farmer.

The CM said that in the combined state the Telangana farming community faced lot of distress and hence the TRS after coming to power has initiated several measures benefitting them and in the process now the Insurance scheme has been announced. It is only the Telangana government that can understand the problems of Telangana farmer and others as in the past in the United AP government have no human angle to understand.

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The CM further said the trauma of the farming community should be addressed firmly and they should be brought out of the trauma by implementing a variety of schemes like the Investment Support Scheme, Insurance scheme as well as many more.

The CM said whatever might be the reason when the farmer dies the family should immediately get Rs 5,00,000/- as Insurance amount. Any help that the government intends to do to the farmer will be done wholeheartedly. The CM said that whether the farmer is small, marginal or big the benefit of Insurance will be the same and it will be a group Insurance.

Due to a large network of Life Insurance Corporation which is a Government of India undertaking, and the trust the people have in it, the CM told officials to entrust the responsibility of Implementing the group insurance scheme to LIC. The CM also said that this will again be one of the schemes which any future government at any point in time has to invariably continue and thus it has a longevity. The CM said that the premium amount will be budgeted amount and hence it is assured payment.

The CM desired that the officials should workout with LIC officers, about the different age group wise model and after thoroughly discussing should finalise the scheme. He said that the Insurance paper should be prepared village wise and Mandal wise and care should be taken regarding the entry of the name of the nominee.



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