KCR is the best anytime for Telangana

The BJP says it will make Telangana the gate way to power in South. But the recent survey done in Telangana indicates that TRS is still the most popular party and KCR is the most preferred leader by the people. Telangana people are yet to register the presence of BJP. It is media which is talking about the BJP coming to power in Telangana.

Some people question as to who would be the leader from the BJP, who can face KCR and articulate like KCR in convincing the people. So far there is no leader from the Opposition camp who can take on KCR. The opposition is unable to project a leader of that stature who can question or face KCR.

KCR is the best anytime for Telangana

But the heat of politics is already being felt in Telangana along with the sweltering heat of summer.Secret surveys are being done by the parties to findout their strengths and weaknesses in the run up to the 2019 elections.

Telangana CM KCR and the ruling TRS party already got many  surveys done and in most of them they are safe. The one strategy tha they could not implement was the take over of the party by Minister for IT KT Rama Rao who is the son of the CM KCR.  Not to be left behind is the opposition parties Congress, TDP and BJP. According to the latest survey the TRS is the prefered party and KCR is preferred leader by the people of Telangana.

KCR is the best anytime for Telangana
Bengaluru based Political Quotient conducted the survey and as such the survey found no change in the positions of the opposition parties from 2014 and now. The survey was conducted between April 2 and April 15 and covered  13,000 polling booths across Telangana state, with a sample of 1,19,000 respondents.

According to the survey, KCR is the most preferred with 47.5% people rooting for him while T-TDP working president Revanth Reddy came a distant second with 19.16% votes.  K. Jana Reddy (Congress – 11.39%), N. Uttam Kumar Reddy (Congress-7.66%), L. Ramana (TD – 1.44%), S. Jaipal Reddy (Congress- 1.20%), G. Kishan Reddy (BJP- 2.88%), Dr K. Laxman (BJP- 0.77%), Shabbir Ali (Congress- 0.63%), P. Muralidhar Rao (BJP-0.44%) and 3.18 per cent others stood in the list.

KCR is the best anytime for Telangana
People felt that Congress is best suited to fight for their rights while next came TDP and then BJP. Revanth Reddy however was the best opposition leader with 30.91% votes and next came K. Jana Reddy (22.24%), N. Uttam Kumar Reddy (12.04%), G. Kishan Reddy (9.04%) and L. Ramana (3.12%).



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