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KCR-Babu for NTRs movie

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has become a lucky sentiment for Balakrishna. It was KCR who launched the Gautamiputra Sathakarni for Balakrishna and it was a super duper hit. Keeping this in mind now Balaiah Babu has decided to invite KCR and AP CM Chandrababu for the launch of NTR biopic at Nacharam in Ramakrishna studios.

Babu has already agreed to be there and more or less KCR also has agreed as it is the NTRs movie. Balaiah Babu and KCR have a good a rapport. It will be a meeting point for Babu and KCR as they have been toying with the idea of alternative front to BJP and Congress at the National level.

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The muhurat is on March 29. It is an auspicious day. They will shoot for that day and they are supposed to have a gap and go for the regular shooting somewhere in June it is learnt. Vidya Balan is playing the role of Basavatharakam and we do not know if there is a chance for the character of Laxmi Parvathi the second wife of NTR.

People close to Balaiah said that the political angle could be less and cinema content of NTR will be more in this movie. It will touch upon as to how he came to power in AP in a short span of time.



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