KCR appreciated by one and all Political Top Stories 

KCR appreciated by one and all

The joy of giving is unimaginable and the inner joy always comes from helping others for their better lives. That is what K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana is doing. He wants the farmers to be happy and confident and not just think of suicides.

KCR appreciated by one and all

Dame Luck smiled on the farmers. The mega incentive of Rs. 8,000 an acre of assistance by the government for two crop seasons seemed to have really kicked in the sense of happiness in giving among people.

The bold initiative of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has apparently become a runway hit with the people, for IT Minister KT Rama Rao amplified it through his series of tweets which evoked instant responses from people from across the globe pledging their support and vows of pitching in to participate in the massive program.

The “happiness in giving” has already attained revolutionary proportions and the momentum is likely to catch up with the Rythu Bandhu scheme that has just begun.

Several farmers and farmers’ children who have their skin in the game naturally were drawn towards the massive agricultural investment initiative of the State Government.

KCR appreciated by one and all

Farmers’ faces are glowing with joy as they receive cheques and pattadar passbooks from the revenue officials. Several of them tweeted their own photographs and selfies, expressing gratitude to the government. Twitterati went gaga over the scheme.

The Rythu Bandhu scheme has not only won laurels from the people in the state, but it is being keenly observed and talked about by netizens within India and abroad too.



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