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KCR announces Bhavan for Gowds

K Chandrasekhar Rao who has been giving Bhavans or community halls to various castes in Hyderabad as now announced a welfare or community hall for the Gowds.

Earlier during the Telangana agitation times, he announced that Toddy shops would be open and the same was implemented. Now speaking in the Assembly KCR waived the Tree tax for the Toddy tappers and he also waived all the earlier dues of the tappers.

He announced for the construction of a Gowda Bhavan. Earlier he also announced Bhavans for brahmins, Yadavas, so son and so forth.

KCR announces Bhavan for Gowds

An amount of Rs 5 crore and 5 acres of land has been allocated for the said Gowda Bhavan.

KCR might lay the foundation stone for the proposed Gowda Bhavan soon. The pensions for the toddy tapper has been raised from Rs 200 to Rs 1000/- So far 1.70 crore toddy trees have been planted KCR said.

Earlier he also announced for Islamic centre for the Muslims.



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