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Katthi Mahesh- Srireddy, RGV against Janasena -Pawan Kalyan

It looks like people are using Srireddy in different ways to settle their personal grudges against the Mega family. It is proved beyond doubt that RGV has used Srireddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan. But Srireddy also is nursing grudge against PK. Even katthi Mahesh is also keen that Pawan should no win the elections.

Both Srireddy and Kathi along with RGV area against Pawan Kalyan. What is the real reason behind these things is yet to be ascertained? Finally Aravind, Nagababu had to come out and speak for themselves.

Katthi and Srireddy, RGV against Pawan Kalyan

One thing is for sure that Vaakada has exploited women for reducing the payments from Mega family for the 150 movie.

The movie people are always stingy and they would do anything to cut the production cost. The Main reason that Praja Rajyam failed miserably is that the mega family did not spend any money for the party or the people. They used to be in two minds if they had to spend some money for hosting the media over lunch.

They wanted to run it like a film production company and they failed miserably. We have to see what would Pawan do in running the party.

Katthi and Srireddy, RGV against Pawan Kalyan

When it comes to Janasena, TDP, Kathi Mahesh, Srireddy along with RGV want to see that Pawan loses miserably in the coming elections. The TDP leaders and the TDP media will be more happy to encourage and use Kathi and also Srireddy in the process.

Overall it is a very bad period for Mega family. But Madarchot is not for abusing a lady the mega family must know that.



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