kathi Mahesh forced Sunitha? Cinema Top Stories 

kathi Mahesh forced Sunitha?

Now the so-called film critic and Journalist is blamed for forcing Sunitha. Sunitha a character artist made allegations on Kathi Mahesh that the man who talks for women has tried to rape her in his house.

Sunitha said that she met him on facebook chatting and later they met at his house. When he forced her, she tried to wriggle out but he thrashed her and used her. That is the version of Sunitha. She says that he has just Rs 500 for her ticket and she has some proof against him.

 kathi Mahesh forced Sunitha?But Mahesh says that its all trash and wanted her to file a police complaint against him. But Sunitha said that she tried to file a complaint but the police did not respond to her request. She said that he asked for commitment, but she did not agree to his request.

Kathi says that he helped Sunitha lot of times financially whenever she requested him. He said that she is making allegations that he tried to rape her and I am ready to face her in the court he said.



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