Karnataka politics change by the day-2 deputy CMs

The key is with Sonia Gandhi the Congress leader and people are questioning as to how the JDS can take the CM post with few MLAs why should Congress compromise over the matter in Karnataka. The Congress earlier wanted one Deputy CM and now there is a talk of another Deputy CM that could be for the Congress or for the JDS. Karnataka will have two deputy CMs that is the latest talk.

Karnataka politics change by the day-2 deputy CMs

It looks like there will be a jumbo cabinet and Kumara Swamy Gowda has to budge with the whims and fancies of JDS as well as the Congress. This is just for retaining the CM post. The Congress legislators are not happy with JDS getting the CM post when they are in majority.

But there is no option, the JDS might switch to BJP and in politics, anything can happen.

That is the reason people have been saying that this alliance may not last long and the Scenario might change from time to time.



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