Karnataka is the gateway for 2019 Political Top Stories 

Karnataka is the gateway for 2019

Nitish Kumar and Omar Abdullah Predicted that Narendra Modi has no opposition in 2019 elections. NDA will rule the next term they predicted.

But in no time the situation has changed. The BJP supporters and leaders will tell you that the party is no longer in a favourite position for the next elections.

 Karnataka is the gateway for 2019Modi is on the brink of collapse if the situation is not properly monitored in Karnataka.
The electoral losses in the by-elections especially in UP made all the difference to the image of Modi and one of its MPs and Union Minister Athawale openly agreed that they may not get 50 seats in UP election.

Even in students elections, the ABVP was losing and the Congress unions were winning. This was a clear indicator that the people are going away from the BJP. Apart from Modi, there is no other good speaker who can garner votes for the party. The TDP and Shiv Sena are the main parties who are opposing the BJP now.

There is no Acche din, but the demonetisation and the GST have made the life of common man miserable. The Aadhar linking is another issue. There is no privacy left for an individual on his bank account and other things. It is like the Government is trying to enter your bedroom and put a hand in your pocket then pull the strings of your purse.

 Karnataka is the gateway for 2019
The people have opposed this and the results are an example in the byelections. The rural masses are in trouble and they do not know how to cope with the financial crisis from time to time.

The faux passes of BJP Chief Amit Shah may cost them very dear.

If the BJP can trounce Congress in Karnataka, then it will be able to move forward otherwise it can be said that this is the beginning of the end to BJPs rule. It looks like people are looking at Congress in Karnataka. But the corruption charges are looming large on Siddharamaiah. The voters are keeping the options open.



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