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Karen had slept with Trump several times

Playboy model Karen claimed that she had slept with President Trump several times and that he tried to offer her money and did not know how to accept the money as she loved him.

Karen told media that she was in love with him as he was a good-looking guy and was very much attractive.

She knows him since 2006 and that the Trumps men tried to pay her again so that she would keep quiet and would not reveal anything against Tump to the media.

Karen McDougal with Donald Trump 

She also revealed that Trump has told her several times that he was in love with her. She also thought that Trump would marry her sooner or later.

But the white house officials say that Trump denies having an affair with this lady. Since it already in the media and people are talking about it, she wants to come out in open and explain as to what really happened between them.



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